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Ikebana: Week 18

On Wednesday, as I sat around the table on the floor pre-class, sipping tea, sleepy from a long day and only vaguely paying attention to my ikebana ladies jabbering away around me, did I realize how comforting it was.  Just as the taste of shiso leaf is one of home and nostalgia, so is the feeling of being surrounded by the low hum and occasional exclamation of older women speaking in Japanese.  Not a few of my younger years were spent as the only kid around my mom’s friends, as they caught up with one another on our visits home to Japan.  At the time, I’m sure I was bored and antsy, escaping into whatever heroine-protaganist fantasy novel du jour, but when I look back on it, it’s the same warm feeling as falling asleep during a movie in a room full of your favorite people.  There’s a safety in it that’s wholesome and inviting.  And to return to a country with a language that I can’t help but eavesdrop, I know I’ll miss the cozy background chatter that I’ve grown so accustomed to here.

Yellow calla lilies (1st), Gotto leaves (2nd), Steel Glass (3rd).


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