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Like the slightly frightening and sexually ambiguous WWF wrestler she is named after, Chyna is a beast. We met on Sunday in a small parking lot of a condemned apartment building in Misawa.  She greeted me with a deep, throaty purrr as I thumbed her ignition with my key.  As if she were saying, nice to meet you too, darling.  She is so Diesel.

It took me a five-point turn and a couple slow breaths to get her out of the parking lot and smoothly into the left-hand lane of those city streets.  Unfortunately, the streets didn’t much widen even outside the city proper, and those twisty hairpin turns through the mountains didn’t help my anxiety much either.  Like a new lover, I drove her cautiously, carefully, and all the while, constantly monitoring her not-so-delicate movements.  To figure where she ended and where the road fell away.

We grew accustomed to one another, slightly, on our three hour ride home, but the dark and the rain only stalled our getting to know you dance.  Kilometers instead of miles?? Right-hand blinker instead of left?? No right turn on red??  No LEFT turn on red??  Chyna is erasing every previous relationship I’ve had with a car and making me start from scratch.  Is she foreboding true love or a tumultuous love-hate relationship?  She has obviously been loved before.  One of the previous owners built a bench in the back so that when her backseat is down, you can sleep comfortably.  She came with a neon tow line, a portable stove, an emergency blanket, a couple old contact solution bottles, and a set of bungees  hooked up to her ceiling for a surfboard, amongst other decorative knicknacks.  Talk about baggage.  I have no doubt that her steel and stature will keep me safe – but will I ever intuitively know her turning radius?  Can I love her despite (or for) her history? Will she help me keep others safe, as well?  Chyna, are you too much car for me to handle?  Only time will tell.

China 1

Chyna beefing it up for the camera

China 2

Don't let her sweet demeanor fool you - she's rough and tumble


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